Version 2 of the award winning App – Universal Security

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Version 2 of the award winning App


citizenAID has greatly enhanced its smartphone app to include information on both vehicle and acid attacks, alongside shooting, stabbing and bombing incidents.

There is also guidance for what to do on encountering an unattended item in a public place. This guidance also supports the response of staff who work in these areas where unattended items are a common occurrence.

The app is a step-by-step guide on how the public can act to stay safe and save lives of the injured.

There is clear and simple direction on how to prioritise the injured, how to deal with life-threatening bleeding, and how to communicate with the 999 services in a structured way using the mnemonics SLIDE and MIST.

There is now a function that links the user to their phone to dial 999 when prompted to call the emergency services.

Brigadier Tim Hodgetts CBE, Co-Founder of citizenAID, commented;

“Since citizenAID was launched in 2017, we witnessed an unfortunate surge in deliberate attacks. Some of these have used acid or vehicles to create harm and we have been determined to ensure that our advice was extended to involve these threats. The new version of the app is also even simpler, making greater use of icons over text, which we believe increases its utility in a crisis, extends its accessibility, and supports its ability to be more easily translated.”