Mobile Patrols

Mobile Security Officers

Universal Security’s mobile security officers go through rigorous training to ensure they are fully compliant with legislation, health & safety, site instructions and other client requests. We also utilise an assigned tagged checkpoint system (Verifi) to allow each client to follow up on patrols, which can be tracked live via GPS tracking. Furthermore, each vehicle is also equipped with a GPS tracker to confirm the officer’s location, arrival time and exit time from the site.

This also records officers’ performance ensuring they are respecting speed limits and travel advice, encouraging the most economical route. Moreover, we make sure our officers make environmentally friendly decisions, such as turning off particular lights that do not need to be on, to factor in our environmental policy.

Our lone working policy guarantees our mobile patrols are contacted every hour they are working to promote a strong safety culture among employees and comply with our health and wellbeing measures.

The Benefits:

  • Officers physical presence is provided externally and internally
  • It is an environmentally friendly security service
  • It reduces other financial overheads e.g. electricity bills

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