Sustainability & Social Values

Sustainibility Driven

Our ISO14001 accreditation is central to our sustainability driven business model which has the improvement of the long-term well-being, inclusion and social relevance of our staff and customers as a key performance indicator.

We hold our supply chain to the highest standards of accountability with robust measurement and reporting requirements focusing on long-term and meaningful impacts.  Our procurement process mirrors closely the Government’s Social Value Model.

One of our key business aims is to be Net Zero by 2035 and to run a completely paper-free business model by 2027.

We engage proactively with local organisations to ensure we meet the needs of the community in which we operate.

Our staff pension scheme is the World’s first net zero pension – which assists our employees to help tackle climate change whilst getting them more involved in their investments.

We have committed to the Respect in Security pledge, supporting for a workplace and community free from harassment and fear.