Training & Development

Our Training & Development Strategy

A meaningful and structured employee training and development strategy does not just benefit our employees but provides long-term benefits to us as a business and our customers to whom we deliver a service.

Our training programme helps to shape and develop our business brand and is central to our service delivery quality strategy.

Although training and development are often used together there are some significant differences between them as a concept. For example, a training programme should have clear and measurable objectives whereas development focusses on the acquisition of a broader skill base that can be applied in a more behavioural context.

Investing in employee training provides clear and demonstrable benefits:

  • Enhances business reputation and image.
  • Fosters innovation in the workforce.
  • Improves performance.
  • Addresses weaknesses.

We are fortunate to have a fully developed Learning Management System (LMS) which hosts a whole range of technical and behavioural training modules.  All our staff have their own individual learning account and have access to this extensive library of learning.

The expansion of our LMS provides major benefits to our customers:

  • Organises learning content in one central location – dispensing with paper-based records and is environmentally friendly.
  • Provides unlimited access to e-learning materials – our learning library is being added to daily.
  • Easily tracks progress and performance – excellent management information for our clients.
  • Reduces learning and development costs – a more cost-effective solution for our clients.
  • Reduces learning and development time – staff can learn at their own pace and when convenient.
  • Enables the business to keep up to date with compliance regulations in real-time.
  • The ability to expand e-learning provision quickly and effectively – responding to business needs immediately.