Fire Watch

Fire Hazard Protection

Through the use of IT management systems, our security officers are immediately alerted about new fire hazards within the premises they are protecting. Our security officers are assigned to keep watch on fire hazards in an area that does not have automatic fire warning systems or fire suppression systems. A fire watch is required if any of the fire systems are not working temporarily, or if none is in place yet. It is usually only a short-term solution before the fire systems can be repaired or installed. We make sure our guards have fire suppression equipment with them to perform a fire watch.

The Benefits:

  • Officers make sure hazards are dealt with swiftly
  • Allows insurance providers to reduce policy costs
  • IT management systems detect hazards as and when they occur
  • The combination of our officers being on-site and the IT management systems being in place prevent hazards from becoming uncontrollable

Our officers are Fire Marshal trained where required.

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