Event Security

Events of Any Scale

Whether you need a licensed single door supervisor or a full team of highly trained event security officers, our range of event security services can be adapted to events of any scale, duration, or risk level.

Our event security team leader will assess the risks, and make sure the operating procedure is in line with the National Counter Terrorism Security Office guidance on how to manage and increase the protection of crowded places.

The Benefits:

  • Officers can ensure your guest list is tightly monitored
  • Officers will escort any uninvited patrons from the premises
  • Can continue respecting the venue requirements
  • Make your guests feel secure
  • Officers can immediately handle a crime or accident if they were to happen

From concerts to industry exhibitions, from social gatherings to speaking events with multiple VIP’s, we have successfully managed events on a national scale. Honourable events and venues we have managed in the past include:

  • Wimbledon
  • The 02
  • Francis Crick Institute 
  • Chelsea barracks
  • ILEC Conference Centre

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