Who We Are

Best In Class

As one of the UK’s longest-standing security companies (founded in 1994), we have continued to support and provide ‘best in class’ solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations. Account retention and quality of service are at the forefront of all of our engagements alongside a management team that is passionate about our standard of delivery. Our teams and their ability to represent our core beliefs and high standards are at the forefront and foundation of our business.

In a fragmented and highly diversified market, we find that many procurers and end-users of security services need access to candid advice with commercial analysis of the business’s risk and a thorough assessment of the fundamental workings of the threat landscape. Creating value for clients and being accountable at all levels is paramount to us and requires tailored and experienced account management that intelligently aligns people, processes, and technology.

Communication is a key element in any successful security contract. We have open lines of communication with our clients and staff and a methodology which incorporates regular service review meetings. Performance evaluation is demonstrated through the use of leading indicators and meaningful metrics. Our high rate of satisfied clients is a direct result of everyone working in the same direction; our teams are structured and targeted on consistent improvement.

James Blake Baldwin

Managing Director

James is responsible for providing strategic guidance and leadership to the business. He oversees all operations, sets goals, and makes key decisions to ensure financial growth and operational success. James manages budgets, develops business strategies, builds stakeholder relationships, and allocates resources effectively.

Stuart Kedward

Operations & HR Director

After a distinguished tenure in the Royal Air Force, Stuart has amassed 25 years of experience in the Security industry across various sectors in the UK. With a focus on strategy development and executing frontline operations, he has and continues to serve on prominent committees including the City Security Council. Stuart leads and manages the operational aspects of the business, ensuring efficiency and the successful execution of projects. He also provides direct line management support to our security teams across each contract.

Quoc Pham

Finance Director

Quoc is responsible for overseeing all financial activities within the business. He manages budgeting, financial planning, and forecasting processes, ensuring accurate financial reporting and compliance with regulations. Quoc provides strategic financial guidance, analyses data, and collaborates with other departments to support informed decision-making and drive financial growth.

James MacDonald

Business Development Director

James is responsible for driving growth, cultivating relationships with clients, building strategic partnerships, and developing innovative solutions to meet market demands and expand the company reach. He and his team strive to introduce tailored innovations for each client and contract. Additionally, James oversees Universal’s marketing strategy, ensuring all advertisements, whether in-person or online, are approved under his guidance.