Founding Members of SCPS

Proud to be FOUNDING members of the Suicide Prevention Consortium

Security is a basic need and those vulnerable to suicide are in desperate need of security when they are in a crisis. The very definition of security is that ‘security is the state of being free from danger or threat.’ In this understanding, the security profession has a responsibility and key role in preventing suicide and to reduce the danger and threat of suicide.

As keeping people safe is our business, we have an opportunity to use our expertise to tackle this as a community of people dedicated to protecting others.

It is acknowledged that there is a lot of great work already going on in the security profession to help prevent suicide, but the missing piece for us as a profession, is a dedicated mission control centre. It is out of this need that the security consortium for the prevention of suicide is being formed, and we will work tirelessly to protect those in their most vulnerable moments.

To visit the website, please click the link – Prevention of Suicide – SCPS (