ProtectUK app

❗️ ProtectUK – the app providing useful guidance on all aspects of protective security. ❗️
The App supports businesses, helping them to protect and prepare their customers, staff and premises against the threat of terrorism, whilst helping them increase their overall security.
Building on the track record of national and international success already achieved, the “ACT App” has now been redesigned and transitioned to become the new ProtectUK App.
⚡️ The ProtectUK App offers:
• Practical advice and guidance to help you protect your business, plus information on how to respond in the
event of an attack.
• Information on CT Policing’s suite of ACT training products, plus access to the award winning ACT Awareness e-Learning package.
• Access to a suite of NaCTSO guidance videos.
• Latest bulletins and information.
• Details of the ACT online reporting form and confidential hotline.
• Emergency response and post-incident guidance
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