Universal awarded ISO 27001 Accreditation

Universal Security have been awarded ISO 27001 – Information Security Management.  Through ISO 27001’s best practise approach, we are now able to protect three aspects of information: Confidentiality: Only authorized persons have the right to access information. Integrity: Only authorized persons can change the information. Availability: The information must be accessible to authorized persons whenever […]

Plants + Perks Employee Benefits Portal

New sustainable, healthy employee benefits portal.Incredibly excited to announce Universal Security new partnership with PLANTS + PERKS.We now have a new benefits platform that rewards sustainable choices with planet friendly perks. To start off our launch, all of our employees will be able to pick up a completely free BOL foods EVERY WEEK from their local Tesco store. Together we believe […]

Security Officer Appreciation Week

This post is dedicated to all our security officers. You are all incredibly hard-working, highly trained individuals and are often our country’s first responders. We appreciate that you are constantly vigilant in your efforts to keep us safe.  To see our full post, please visit – Universal Security: My Company | LinkedIn

Ethnicity Pay Gap Report

The Living Wage Foundation have published research showing that minority ethnic workers in the UK are disproportionately paid below the real Living Wage. In a cost-of-living crisis that has yet to peak, paying workers the real Living Wage is essential to help see millions in the multi-ethnic working class through this difficult period, and to close the […]

Founding Members of SCPS

Proud to be FOUNDING members of the Suicide Prevention Consortium Security is a basic need and those vulnerable to suicide are in desperate need of security when they are in a crisis. The very definition of security is that ‘security is the state of being free from danger or threat.’ In this understanding, the security […]

Educational Establishments Security Tips

Schools, Colleges and Universities are some of the most important institutions in our communities; it’s essential to keep them as safe as possible By installing high-quality security solutions, educational establishments will: Have all the tools required to respond to an emergency as quickly as possible Deter individuals from committing crimes such as vandalism, theft and trespassing Give reassurance […]

ProtectUK app

ProtectUK – the app providing useful guidance on all aspects of protective security. The App supports businesses, helping them to protect and prepare their customers, staff and premises against the threat of terrorism, whilst helping them increase their overall security.Building on the track record of national and international success already achieved, the “ACT App” has […]

🏙 Commercial Property Security Tips 🏙

When it comes to safety and security, there are many ways your business can be harmed. From stolen identities to compromised personal files, your business could face financial damage through an act of vandalism or theft.Protecting your building protects your physical property, IT property and personal wellbeing. An efficient plan for building security can also […]

Event Security solutions ☑️

Calling all: Event Managers  Event Coordinators  Event Planners Anyone involved in the organisation of an event  Don’t let the organisation of event security be considered a chore. Keep us involved in the process and it’ll be stress free.